September 27, 2022

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Xiaomi gets new patents for its clamshell foldable phones

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Foldable phones are exciting designs that phone manufacturers are looking to explore; Samsung with Galaxy Fold; Motorola with Razr; Huawei with Mate X.

Xiaomi is advancing on its own smartphones. Earlier, the company presented a prototype of its foldable phone. Now, we have information on the progress of Xiaomi’s foldable phone with its patents.

LetsGoDigital reveals a new patent dated December 6 at WIPO for Xiaomi. The patent indicates a new foldable phone concept. The concept is similar to that of Motorola folding back by itself, similar to classic flip-phones. It will have a motorized front camera similar to OnePlus 7T Pro.

Xiaomi is yet to reveal details of the device as it’s only a patent. We expect Xiaomi to acquire more patents for its foldable phones. There is no information on when it would be completed or when the device will be launched.

Author: Babatunde EsanBabatunde Esan is in his penultimate year at the University of Ilorin, studying History and International Studies. He is versatile and an all round creative with a passion for writing, smartphones and technologies.

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