September 24, 2022

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Xiaomi’s 100W fast charging ready; to charge 4,000mAh in 17 minutes

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Xiaomi 100W Super Charge Turbo

The Oppo Reno Ace, with its 65W charging power, is currently the fastest-charging smartphone. That might change soon, as Xiaomi is working on a 100W Charging power technology, which is called the “Super Charge Turbo”.

Information about this fast-charging system developed by Xiaomi was shared earlier this year through a video on YouTube. Now, we have more insight into the 100W fast-charging system, via a promotional image on Weibo.

This fast-charging feature will be able to charge 4000mAh in just 17 minutes. This charging speed should be achieved using the right smartphone with the appropriate charger. Interestingly, the “Super Charge Turbo” is faster than the charging system of many laptops.

Xiaomi 100W Super Charge Turbo

While Xiaomi appears to be ready to market this new feature, it remains unknown what smartphone will receive the feature first.

Author: Babatunde EsanBabatunde Esan is in his penultimate year at the University of Ilorin, studying History and International Studies. He is versatile and an all round creative with a passion for writing, smartphones and technologies.

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