YouTube Wants You To “Take A Break” From Watching Videos With New Update

Google’s YouTube app now includes an option to remind users to “take a break” from watching videos.

YouTube Wants You To “Take A Break” From Watching Videos With New Update

At the I/O 2018, Google announced its “Digital wellbeing initiative”. This initiative is in place to help people monitor and understand their digital habits. One of the features included is a timer which notifies users when they spend too long watching videos. This timer, which is self-set, is now live on the app.

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According to reports, this new feature was spotted after updating the app to version 13.18.54.

How To Set YouTube To Remind You To Take A Break

To find this setting, all a user has to do is tap their profile pic, and then go to Settings > General > Remind me to take a break.

A user can set the reminder to come up after 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes. When the time is up, the video being watched is paused, and a reminder comes up with the image of a monkey asking if you want to take a break.

YouTube Wants You To “Take A Break” From Watching Videos With New Update
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When this reminder comes up, you can dismiss it and then go on with your life, or you can go back to settings to make adjustments.

In the end, YouTube will not actually stop you from watching videos.

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In addition to this feature are two more features. Firstly, notification sounds and vibrations can now be disabled for a set amount of time. Secondly, all notifications can now be set to be received once a day, at a specific time.

Google is also reportedly working on Android Dashboard, a new feature to show users how long they spend on their phone as well as the apps they use the most. Android Dashboard is expected to be released in time for the launch of Android P.

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